Budget Wedding Invitations for a Beach Wedding

Planning a wedding for the sunny season ahead? Well, if you are looking for budget wedding invitation inspiration ideas keep reading as we give you a couple of themes you can play around with for your beach wedding.

The budget wedding invitation inspiration ideas for your beach wedding can range from frangipani flowers, seashells, images of the ocean and many others. Having a beach element on your DIY invitation also becomes an indicator for your guests on the dress code, even if it is not mentioned on the wedding invitation. Further, you have the option of playing around with the wedding favours for your guests and step away from the ordinary. Think, parasols, beach slippers, flower hair-accessories, beach wraps, beach blankets or even sunglasses to keep away the glare!


Budget Wedding Invitations for a Beach Wedding

Nothing speaks tropical more than frangipani flowers do! While sunflowers are a sunny option as well, it is a more generic summer budget wedding invitation idea whereas frangipani is more beach-theme specific. Having frangipani on DIY wedding invitations is also a great excuse to have frangipani bouquets for the bride and the bridesmaids and also to have flower petals scattered down the aisle.


Budget Wedding Invitations for a Beach Wedding

Fresh from the sea, images of seashells or crushed seashells are great additions to your budget wedding invitations. If your wedding guests are mostly residents who grew up by the sea, the sentiment would be greatly felt, if not, there are many options for wedding décor that can also be used when having seashells on your DIY budget wedding invitations.


Budget Wedding Invitations for a Beach Wedding

Your beach-themed summer budget wedding invitations would be incomplete without a view of the ocean, at your wedding and on your DIY invitations. You could either opt to have an image of the ocean on your budget wedding invitation or even have your favourite picture of the two of you at your pre-wedding shoot by the beach.

One of the best things about budget wedding invitations used for a beach wedding invitation is the range of wedding décor and stationery options that come into being as a result! Having DIY invitations that are beach-themed, opens a range of options for centrepieces, wedding banners and even an exclusive seafood buffet table at the reception.

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Save Money with Budget Wedding Invitations

Getting married on a very tight budget? Don’t worry we’ve got your back and also a few tips on planning for a budget wedding complete with a budget checklist, budget bridal gown rentals, budget wedding invitations and so on.

With wedding checklists, one of the first things that can be struck off as “budgetary” is undoubtedly wedding stationery and therefore it is not unexpected that so many couples opt for DIY wedding invitations. Here are a few tips on how you could save money on stationery when opting for budget wedding invitations.

Budget Wedding Invitations Tip #1: Order Extra

Save Money with Budget Wedding Invitations

While this may seem a confusing tip right at the start, when placing an order online with your wedding stationer then it is best that you order a couple of more extra DIY invitations and envelopes because we all know how Aunt Tiffani would be flabbergasted if her budget wedding invitation had “Tiffany” spelt instead.

Budget Wedding Invitations Tip #2: Minimise wherever Possible

Is it really crucial that you have one DIY invitation for the church ceremony and another for the wedding reception that follows? Unless you have a different guest list attending the functions, have both pieces of information printed on one budget wedding invitation.

If your wedding location requires a map, then it is best a short link to the location is typed out on the DIY invitation so your guests can  load it on their devices while making their way to the wedding. This would be most useful if they either forget the DIY wedding invitation en route to the ceremony or are simply more technologically savvy.

The final option would be too look for online stationers that give discount packages. Depending on when you are getting married and what wedding stationery you are looking for, you will undoubtedly be able to find something that fits your budget.

Budget Wedding Invitations Tip #3: Paper and Printing Options

Save Money with Budget Wedding Invitations

One of the main things that you need to decide on upon selecting a stationer is to look at the paper quality and final print options for your DIY wedding invitations. While it may look nice and glossy to have letterpress and embossed designer cardstock, it is most cost-effective to have less thick paper and cheaper printing options stating ceremony and reception information along with other wedding stationery.

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Wedding Invitations on a Budget

You are preparing your wedding checklist with your SO and the two of you are mulling over where you could afford to tighten your wallet allowing for glamorous spending elsewhere, such as your honeymoon! By the end of the day or checklist preparation time, you’ve identified wedding stationery as one of the “budget” items and have decided on opting for DIY budget wedding invitations. After all, between you and your partner you have many female relatives who hand make Christmas decorations, so why not DIY wedding invitations?

 Depending on how much of a budget wedding invitation you want to opt for, we have presented it in three stages that is sure to fit most “DIY budget wedding invitation” requirements. Also, it is important that for all DIY wedding invitations you order in bulk and a few extras, just to account for the misspelt name or coffee stain.

DIY Invitations: Very DIY

Wedding Invitations on a Budget

The “very DIY invitations” include a solid coloured (usually the wedding colour) budget wedding invitation on basic cardstock with minimal calligraphy, text effects and images. The idea is to keep print cost at minimum, so be sure to place an order for the number of budget wedding invitations needed well in advance, you might even be entitled for inexpensive offseason rates if applicable. If you are “very DIY”, be sure to opt for inexpensive envelopes.

DIY Invitations: Some DIY

Wedding Invitations on a Budget

This sort of DIY wedding invitations would include the help of a designer. While a designer maybe applicable in the latter category as well, their interventions would be minimum, as the only design would include the placement of the wording. However, with “some DIY invitations” you could afford to throw in either a print with some colour, this could be contrasting colours to the cardstock or variations of the colour palette or opt to have a very modest design with slightly higher quality cardstock.

DIY Invitations: DIY + some glamour

Wedding Invitations on a Budget

The DIY invitations with some glamour are for the couple that either opt to have a budget wedding and are willing to go just a bit further to make it a wedding memorabilia for your shoebox or for the couple who want a glamorous DIY wedding all together. Either way a DIY wedding invitation with some glamour would ideally be a DIY invitation printed on good quality cardstock, with a bit of design incorporated to the final DIY wedding invite and of course a beautiful embellishment to top it all.

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Budgeting Your Wedding Invitations

Your big day is approaching and your partner and you are busy making guest lists, working on your to-do lists, researching options for photographers, caterers and of course stationery options. If a small-scaled wedding is what you are opting for, then it’s only natural that you list out budget wedding invitations as your first choice.

Listed below are a few options you could look into when considering budget wedding invitations for your wedding.

Budget Wedding Invitation Tip: Solid Coloured

Budgeting Your Wedding Invitations

The first step to creating budget wedding invitations is to pick a wedding colour. While it is tempting to have elaborate designs on the invitations, a solid colour is a great choice for budget wedding invitations. Depending on the number of freely available (human) resources you have at hand, be sure to incorporate a bit of DIY elements to create an exquisite DIY budget invite!

Budget Wedding Invitation Tip: Do not Emboss

Again, while it looks glamorous to have a bit of embossing or engraving on your wedding invitation, it is an unnecessary evil you can do away with if curtailing wedding expenses is what you are looking after. The money saved on an elaborate wedding invitation can be used for food or even a more expensive wedding dress.

Budget Wedding Invitation Tip: Cheap Envelopes

Budgeting Your Wedding Invitations

If you can strike off the wedding invitation allowance leading to a budget wedding invitation, why not get an even more inexpensive envelope? If you have already decided on your wedding colour, then buy envelopes in bulk of a lighter or darker shade and voila: instant budgeting.

Budget Wedding Invitation Tip: A bit of DIY

Budgeting Your Wedding Invitations

Yes, you are going “cheap”, but that doesn’t mean that this cannot include a bit of homemade DIY? Rally all available hands, arts and crafts around you and create your very own DIY wedding invitations using embellishments bought in bulk. Accessorising your DIY invitations could include inserting brooches, feathers, buttons or even a bit of lace.

While weddings are usually considered a costly affair, it needn’t be overly expensive so as long as everything is planned ahead of time, accessories and wedding stock paper is bought ahead of the wedding “season” and freely available resources to both the bride and the groom are made the most of.

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Stick to Your Budget with Online Printable Wedding Invitations

If luxurious wedding stationery is not on your list of wedding priorities, fear not. There are many brides out there who not only want something artsy-crafty but also seek budget wedding invitations as means of cutting down on unnecessary wedding expenses.

Why DIY Invitations: Simplicity

Stick to Your Budget with Online Printable Wedding Invitations

One of the best things about a DIY budget wedding invite is the simplicity each card comes with. The budget wedding invitation is usually one solid colour, which adds a refined element of simplicity and elegance to it. This also means that you can plan your wedding theme and colours as you desire and replicate the same colour on your budget wedding invitation. If you are feeling creative and have a few hands to spare, feel free to affix that extra ribbon or a few rhinestones to add a bit more colour.

Stick to Your Budget with Online Printable Wedding Invitations

Why DIY Invitations: Modesty

If simplicity wasn’t enough, modesty is perhaps the next best feature about your DIY wedding invitation. If over-the-top, elaborate wedding décor, themes or stationery is not what best describes the both of you, DIY budget wedding invitations that are elegant and set against a solid coloured background and simple font is perhaps what suits you best.

Why DIY Invitations: Convenience

Stick to Your Budget with Online Printable Wedding Invitations

Your wedding could be planned in six weeks or even six months and the golden rule that governs checking the boxes off your wedding checklist is convenience. If meeting designers, planning intricate typography placement to bring out the best of both your personalities is just not your cup of tea, DIY budget invitations maybe exactly what you are looking for. To get your very own budget wedding invitations delivered, all you have to do is spend a little while browsing online until you find what best suits you, customise and send! Getting your budget wedding invitations has never been as easy as it is today.

Why DIY Invitations: Affordability

Perhaps one of the most obvious choices as to why brides would opt for budget wedding invitations is the fact of affordability. With a countless number of expenses to look into and tasks to be checked off, budget wedding invitations are an obvious choice if an elaborate wedding is not what is to take place. So, if you are looking for a simple yet elegant wedding at minimal cost, cutting down on wedding stationery and opting for DIY invitations are a guaranteed way to ensure this.

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Easy Budget Wedding Invitations Kits

A wedding does not always have to be lavish and all things luxurious. True, you would want nothing but the best for your wedding but wherever an opportunity arises to curtail expenses, it becomes another way in which you could spend lavishly on something a little more important. Opting for DIY invitations requesting friends and family to be apart of your special day is one definite money-saver.

Moreover, budget wedding invitations are not only economical, they are also very personal to both the bride and the groom as well as the guest who receives it. As a result of not opting for a stock that is not standard, you can also add embellishments such as ribbons, feathers and pictures to your DIY invitation and add that extra personal touch.

DIY Invitations Step One: Order Online

Easy Budget Wedding Invitation Kits

One of the first steps towards designing your perfect DIY wedding invitation is to pick out card or paper stock online. Before going online however, it is important that you already pick out your wedding colour or theme. Once that step has been marked off your wedding checklist, you can begin customising and personalising your DIY wedding invitations with embellishments of your choice.

DIY Invitations Step One: Personalise

Easy Budget Wedding Invitations Kits

Your DIY invitation could then be personalised with various changes made to text, colour and other tweaks to the design. Even though it is ideally a “budget wedding invitation”, that doesn’t stop you from adding a bit of colour and glamour towards attaining the perfect DIY wedding invitation.

DIY Invitations Step One: Customise

Easy Budget Wedding Invitation Kits

The next step towards your perfect DIY wedding invitation is to customise it with embellishments. These could include delicate pearls that would also accompany the bridal attire, or even a few sequins added if you enjoy a bit of bling or a classic DIY wedding invitation with pressed flowers. Remember that the DIY elements on the DIY invitation could also be used on other wedding stationery and wedding decorations. Another way in which you could customise your DIY invitation is to add a picture of the bride and groom taken from a pre-wedding shoot or even your favourite moment off Facebook or Instagram.

While weddings are often deemed costly affairs, with the correct DIY budget wedding invitations in place, it doesn’t always have to be so. You are entitled to a fairy tale wedding of your own by opting for DIY wedding invitations that would save you enough to buy the perfect glass sandals.

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Budget Wedding Invitations with Recycled Paper

If you are getting married and spending an exorbitant amount on wedding invitations and stationery is just not for you, budget wedding invitations made using recycled paper is something that you should definitely look into.

Inspiration is Key

DreamDay Invitation Budget Wedding Invitations

One of the first things you need to focus on if budget wedding invites is what you are searching for is inspiration. However it is also important to know that this inspiration must be narrowed down to something meaningful, perhaps your budget wedding invitation could draw inspiration from all the things that is important to the both of you and holds a special sentiment.

Do You Need the Luxury?

While it is always tempting to answer yes, do keep in mind that wedding invitations and stationery are not the only things on your wedding to-do list. Therefore, it is important to prioritise on what is most important, forgo a luxury there and make amends for it by having something luxurious over here. Having budget wedding invitations therefore would be ideal if the two of you are either planning on splurging on an elaborate limo or even a cosy honeymoon.


DreamDay Invitations Budget Wedding Invites

One of the best things about budget wedding invitations is its ability to customise according to the wishes of the bride and the groom. After having drawn inspiration from what is most important to the two of you then be ready to throw in a bit of sequins, recycled paper, leftover pieces of plaid to put together your very own budget wedding invitation. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure they say, so be sure to lure in artsy family members and friends to create a budget wedding invite that truly stands out and brings out the personality of the both of you.

Play with Pictures

DreamDay Invitations Budget Wedding Invitations

One of the best things about a budget wedding invitation is its unspoken tagline “anything goes”. Therefore, the two of you have all the liberty to pick out your favourite moments from Instagram or your favourite status updates from Facebook to add to your budget wedding invitation. Your budget wedding invite would speak to your guests and they would feel as though they were apart of your love story from the moment you met.

 The most rewarding feature about budget wedding invitations is that it is meant for everyone. Even if you are not on a very tight budget but would like something artsy and crafty, a budget wedding invitation with recycled paper and sparks of DIY that bring out the most in the two of you would definitely stand out.

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Scrapbook Styled Wedding Invitations on a Budget

If generic, off-the-shelf budget wedding invitations are just not for you, making your own scrapbook styled wedding invitations is the perfect alternative as it lets you express your unique couple style while also allowing you to save money which can be directed towards other key wedding elements. There are plenty of resources that you can use from different types of wedding specialty papers to satin ribbons, magazines and pieces of material to create scrapbook styled budget wedding invites that make a lasting impression, while still being affordable.

Using Specialty Paper for Scrapbook Budget Wedding Invites

Instantly add a luxurious touch to your budget wedding invitation design by using elegant specialty paper that’s now readily available at both online and regular brick-and-mortar stationery stores. Choose from different styles of specialty paper ranging from metallic, glitter and foiled to screen printed, thermography or embossed till you find the ideal handmade paper for your budget wedding invitation. If choosing just one is hard, you can use an eclectic assortment of specialty paper to mount photos that you’ll be including in your scrapbook styled budget wedding invite.

Create lavish budget wedding invitations easily by printing invitation wording on a velum overlay placed above a layer of screen printed specialty paper featuring a striking pattern or for a truly personal touch add a photo of the two of you as a background layer with a metallic specialty paper border below the vellum overlay.

Embellishing Budget Wedding Invitations with Lace, Brooches and More

Now available as pre-cut squares, lace patterns are easy and affordable embellishments to include in budget wedding invite designs. To bring a beautiful touch of old-world charm to your budget wedding invites, lace can be included as a border around your favourite photo of the two of you transformed into black and white. Complete the look by adding an elegant brooch or cluster to instantly vamp up your budget wedding invites with an opulent air.

If you prefer something simpler for your scrapbook styled budget wedding invitations, a simple band of lace around the card, finished off with a satin ribbon that’s secured by a vintage pearl cluster is an elegant option to consider.

scrapbook styled wedding invitations

Decorate photos, maps or any other elements included in your budget wedding invite with glued on semi precious stones, scraps of material or in the case of diehard scrapbookers, cut out wording from magazine headlines and articles to create the invitation wording for your budget wedding invites.

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Rustic Budget Wedding Invites

Weddings can be expensive affairs that require a large budget, but if you’re a budget-savvy couple you’ll know exactly how to keep costs down using everything from unique budget wedding invitations to stylish DIY decor. Staying within your budget doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the quality or style of your wedding invitations – here’s some great inspiration for rustic budget wedding invites that are gorgeous, but still thrifty.

Purchasing Rustic Budget Wedding Invites

While this may not be the easiest thing to do, kicking off your wedding planning as early as possible will give you plenty of time to search for affordable rustic budget wedding invites that suit your budget. While most wedding stationery companies offer a range budget wedding invitations, you may come across some premium designs that have had their price reduced – these designs can be easily transformed to suit your rustic wedding theme with a few DIY handmade touches to personalise and create a lovely rustic budget wedding invitation.

Rustic Budget Wedding Invitation Design

Etched Flowers Square Vertical Invitation in Ivory - DreamDay Invitations

When choosing or personalising a budget wedding invite, select a colour palette that favours earthy tones to bring your rustic invitation design to life. Beautiful deep yellows, gold, neutral shades of taupe, rust and cinnamon will add a rustic vibe to your budget wedding invitations and can be artistically combined to still create vivid pops of colour with exquisite rustic floral patterns.

For an earth-friendly couple, printing your rustic budget wedding invitations on seed paper is a lovely touch that is sure to leave a lasting impression on your guests. You can either opt to order pre-printed rustic wedding invites on seed paper or save money by purchasing your own seed paper and printing the invites yourself.

DIY Rustic Budget Wedding Invitations

Instantly add a rustic touch to your wedding invitations by customising generic budget wedding invites with charming handmade touches. Embellishments such as rope tied as a bow for a simple accent or even a strand of raffia on your rustic budget wedding invite complements your earthy and natural wedding theme. If you’re after a combination of vintage and rustic, place a paper doily or a lace band around your wedding invite and secure it with an old fashioned brooch.

Rustic budget wedding invites can be easily personalised to suit the specific season of your wedding too. For instance, use pressed flowers in a range of autumn colours on your rustic budget wedding invite or transform standard envelopes using a charming envelope liner made out of natural tan specialty paper for an autumn rustic wedding.

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Budget Wedding Invitation Ideas

DIY wedding invitations have evolved over time, despite its humble beginnings. Brides no longer have to compromise on elegant classy wedding invitations just because they are budget savvy. With all the options and choices available today, you can create your one-of –a-kind budget wedding invitations that look stunning and are also easy on the wallet. Wedding invitations can become incredibly expensive due to custom designs, letterpress printing and calligraphic envelopes. DIY wedding invitations are a great alternative to help you stick to your budget.

As with life compromise is the key when cutting corners and streamlining your wedding budget. While splurging on the items that really matter like that extra special dress that will make you feel like a true princess, try to cut costs on items that can be accomplished yourself such as DIY wedding decor. In line with this, saving a few pennies on wedding stationery can make a huge difference. Today, DIY and budget wedding invitations are sought after options by couples on a tight budget. With so many new options available to transform your simple wedding invitation into an extra ordinary budget wedding invitation, here are some simple suggestions to get you started.

DIY Invitations

The key element for success is to personalise the invite by drawing inspiration from anything and everything. The types of budget invitations range from flat invitations with card inserts, folded invitations and pre-cut invitations to even using printable templates available online.

Here are some tips to help you get started. In this case, knowledge is indeed power! Experiment with different printing techniques or try using various kinds of paper, as well as simple or extravagant embellishments to instantly add an elegant touch to your budget invitation. Keep in mind that intricate invitations with bows, multiple layers and other embellishments are lovely, but those extra details can really add up. Hence opt for a simple invitation printed on a high-quality paper. Specialty papers provide you with a cost effective method to achieve the desired look or feel without an elaborate over-the-top design. We also suggest reducing the number of envelopes too. Tradition calls for two envelopes to be sent out to your guests; we suggest a simple RSVP sent via email to save both time and money in this digital age, or even a postcard.

While most prefer engraved or embossed invitations for a formal vibe, it is the more expensive choice. Thermography provides you with the same raised appearance for a much cheaper cost while simple laser printing is appropriate for a more casual setting that makes your budget wedding invitation a truly one of the kind.

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