Rustic Budget Wedding Invitations

Capture the charm and romance of a simpler, idyllic time in the past, and add a dash of nostalgia to your wedding theme that will surely capture the imagination of all your guests! Consider the stark elegance of a courier type font, the simple brilliance of clean, straight lines, or the wistful memories of photographs captured in black-and-white or sepia tones. These are but some of the elements that many modern couples are using to create magical rustic budget wedding invitations that promise an unforgettable celebration!

A Photo Is Worth a Thousand Words! – Visual Budget Wedding Invites

Whether you are announcing an engagement party, crafting a “save-the-date” note, or designing budget wedding invitations for the big wedding day itself, including a picture is a great accompaniment to the happy news you are ringing throughout your social circle. To create an “authentic” rustic-themed budget wedding invitation, dispense with full-blown colour photographs and instead include a black-and-white picture to conjure up a stunning “blast from the past” effect. Another great option is to use the warm shades of sepia colouring that will paint you and your partner within a charming capture from another era! Either of these choices will also save you on photo-printing costs for each invite. Consider jazzing up your photos by dressing up in period costumes to weave a delightful illusion!

Fonts, Blots& Accessories – Imaginative Budget Wedding Invites

When searching online for rustic budget wedding invitation ideas, what you will find are archaic font types and accessories such as twine, twigs, and pressed, dried leaves. You can even make your budget wedding invites DIY to save some cash, and go browse through your local craft store for multi-coloured twine.Or perhaps take a walk in the park (literally!) to discover some pretty leaves and intriguing twigs you can use to “dress up” your rustic budget wedding invitations.

Etched Flowers Square Vertical Invitation in Ivory - DreamDay Invitations

Etched Flowers Square Vertical Invitation in Ivory - DreamDay Invitations

When you are trying to pick the perfect font to accompany your budget wedding invites, courier type is a very popular option, summoning up the era of Smith&Wesson typewriters that were and are the darlings of literary talents and literary lovers everywhere.

If you and your partner happen to be a literary couple, you can even use this as a possible theme for your budget wedding invites.Liberally splash coffee “stains” and ink blots on your budget wedding invitations to leave a charming impression of your union that will put smiles on the faces of all those who know and love you well!

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Eco-Friendly Budget Wedding Invites

TAre you thinking about a “green” wedding with all the trimmings and charm, but minus the hefty price tag? Then it helps to start small when creating the ideal, eco-friendly budget wedding invitation to set the mood for a memorable eco-oriented celebration!

Romping Through the Attic: Discover Green Budget Invites at Home!

When you’re thinking about saving greens whilst trying to be green, explore your own cupboards, attics, and storage rooms to uncover materials that you can use to create some truly one-of-a-kind, eco-friendly budget wedding invites! Transform old jam bottles into cute “message in bottle”  for an unique budget wedding invite.  Use old craft paper (the more colourful, the better!) to add texture and depth to your budget invitations. Browse through mum’s sewing kit for dreamy lace, cute buttons, and exciting threads to add a dazzling finishing touch to your eco-inspired budget invites!

Unique & Eco-Friendly

Eco-conscious wedding planning is taking the industry by storm, more so in the budget wedding invitations that the theme inspires. To go green, invest in recycled paper to serve as the rustic yet charming backdrop of your lovely budget wedding invites. For an added dose of eco-initiative, make your budget wedding invite a plantable one that your guests can toss in the ground, and it will then sprout seeds. This will serve as a beautiful reminder of the bond you and your partner share, at an event that will grow ever fondly in your guests’ memories as the seeds bloom in their gardens!

Carved in Oak Square Vertical Invitation in Espresso - DreamDay Invitations

Green Weddings, Green Thinking, Green Budget Wedding Invites!

For an extra thoughtful touch of “saving-the-planet” thinking, invest in eco-friendly inks on your budget wedding invites, such as soy-based inks. Browse around online to search for companies that incorporate such products into the creation of their budget wedding invitations. Another popular option is to go DIY when crafting your green budget wedding invites. You can even use envelopes made out of recycled paper, and make use of a snazzy calligraphy pen to jazz up any of those budget wedding invites for a great finish!

Make a trip down to your local craft shop and enquire after green-friendly materials for your budget wedding invites. These can include options such as hemp, sugar cane, bamboo, and even recycled fibre for some truly unforgettable budget wedding invites that will be the buzzing topic of conversation within your circle of friends and family for years to come!

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Greek Inspired Weddings, Invitations and More

Turn the classical world of ancient Greece into a modern masterpiece, and feature this elegant cultural heritage on your special day for a wedding fit for the gods. A divine wedding does not need to cost more than the earth and stars combined, so we will help you come up with unique DIY ideas to make a DIY Greek wedding both memorable and affordable. The little details count for much, from designing stylish yet budget wedding invitations to coming up with gifts for all your guests.

A Scroll in Time – Greek Budget Wedding Invitations

So, you’ve decided on a big, fat, Greek Wedding – what’s next? Designing the perfect budget wedding invite, of course! Simple Greek patterns framing your budget wedding invite is one option. If you surf around online, you will find simple yet elegant patterns for your budget wedding invitations. Your budget wedding invitations can even be in scroll form, tucked inside decorative glass bottles for a one-of-a-kind presentation.

Party in the Parthenon – Hellenic Themes on Budget Wedding Invites

For a Grecian twist on a traditional wedding, you could make it a themed event, where guests dress up in classical togas and sandals of yore. Your Hellenic budget wedding invites can provide a hint of the fun that’s to come by including a small olive wreath with the budget wedding invitations. It can be big enough for headwear, or it can even be attached to a pin as an attractive accessory option.

Mon Amour Square Flat Wedding Invitation in Black - DreamDay Invitations

Your Greek budget wedding invitations can also feature sophisticated columns topped off by Doric or Corinthian designs. To save a drachma or two, you might also want to consider having your wedding outdoors in a beautiful garden, for a serene feel of the Elysian Fields. Include a note in your budget wedding invitations for your guests to dress light!

The Feast Of The Gods Continues

Opa! The feast for the happy couple is underway and everyone is tearing up the dance floors with feet swifter than Hermes. Keep the ambrosia flowing with Greek urns gracing each table as centrepieces. You can buy these pots on sale and paint them in intricate designs to fit your Grecian theme. For the guests to take home, you can fill miniature glass bottles with olive oil and vinegar, perfect for dipping!

As you can see, creating your own Greek wedding celebration fit for Mount Olympus is easy and fun on a budget. Set the mood with the perfect budget wedding invite and let the festivities commence!

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Scrapbook Inspired Wedding Invitations on a Budget

A wedding can be one of the most exciting, yet expensive financial obligations you have as an engaged, nearly married couple. It comes with so much joy, but also so much stress as you aim to stay on budget! Your wedding invitations should account for 10-15?% of your overall budget, so you’ll want to choose them wisely. A popular trend we’re seeing are scrapbook inspired wedding invitations for those couples who wish to stick to their budget! They’re cute, affordable, and look fabulous.

Scrapbook Invitations

This idea is sure to be tons of fun for a creative and crafty bride. Scrapbook themed invitations are so versatile, yet personal as sending out an invitation like this will allow you to include photos of the two of you in a very intimate and creative way. You can make these wedding invitations yourself using your own scrapbook materials or use the postage stamp border that many scrapbooks have with a picture of both of you and all of your wedding details.

Choosing your Colours

Let’s start by choosing the colour palette for your wedding theme, style and the invitations. Let’s bring in 2013’s top colour as deemed by Pantone: Jade! Jade can be used in different ways and as you can use a range of shades and hues, this colour  can be used for all the seasons. Dress it up, dress it down, make it your own as you design your stunning budget wedding invites. Have another colour in mind? Go for  it, you creative bride, you!

A Scrapbook Theme

If you’ve already picked scrapbook styled wedding invitations, why not add aspects of this to the rest of your budget friendly wedding too? You can have scrapbook pages on each table for guests to write down advice or little messages to the couple, and have Polaroid cameras one each table so that guests can take instant pictures and paste it on the sheet. Adorable, affordable, and original!

Happy Planning!

Image Credits – Distinctive Moments

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Creating Memorable Budget Wedding Invitations

Planning a wedding is such a fun time for everyone! From the moment he proposes and gets down on knee, through the first stages of planning to the big day itself—you’ll want to savour all of these memories and happy times but you may also discover your budget needs to be tighter than you may have hoped.

Planning a Wedding on a Budget

We all hate the word budget, but it’s a word that you may become familiar with while planning your special day as this is a normal part of planning a wedding—figuring out the finances and all entailed. Your wedding invitations are a part of this budget, and while that budget varies per couple and per wedding, you can most certainly create budget wedding invitations that match your specific theme and style.

DIY Invites


Hardcover Invite w/ Pocket + Envelope in Quartz - DIY Invitations

DIY invites or do it yourself invitations are a popular wedding invitation option that more and more couples are looking towards using for their special day. It’s a great way for couples to work on their wedding together, while also saving money at the same time. DIY wedding invites also offer a lot of options that you may not have with ready-made invitations, as it allows couples to be express their style and tastes when designing their wedding invite – which makes it all the more memorable to them while also cutting costs.

Memorable Invites

So many times we open a wedding invitation just to see that it looks like a similar one we’ve taken a look at before. It’s great to create memorable invitations that everyone can look at and say “Wow, these are unique and truly show reflect the couple’s personality!” You can do this in numerous ways such as budget DIY photo invites, an invite showing a timeline of your history as a couple or even a magnet invite.

Planning a wedding on a budget is totally doable, you just need to know how to plan, budget and carry out your fiscal guidelines. Take it one day at a time and enjoy the planning and prepping of your budget friendly wedding invites, as well as the rest of your wedding!

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Plaid Inspired Budget Wedding Invites

Plaid is a fabulous design that can add a lot to any event, theme, or style. A staple of every fashionistas wardrobe for the last several years, plaid is also the perfect addition to your budget friendly wedding invites. Because planning a wedding is so expensive and difficult to afford at times, staying on a budget is something that definitely helps as you plan and prepare for the big day.

Plaid + Wedding Invites

Plaid Inspired Budget Wedding Invites>

Plaid is a great addition to your budget invitations. It works with an array of themes and styles, offering a great add-on or accessory to your wedding invitations when you’re trying hard to stay on task and on budget! Plaid can be used as a design border on invitations, as ribbon to tie all of your invite materials as well as so much more!

Using Plaid for your Wedding

Your wedding invitations do not need to be the only thing that plaid is utilised for on your wedding day! Plaid is a great addition to an array of things for your budget friendly wedding, such as your flower bouquets (around the bouquets instead of ribbon), table cloths, bridesmaid hair accessories and more!

Planning Your Budget Friendly Wedding

Despite what others thing, it is possible to stay on task and on budget with your wedding moneywise. Tips and tricks including discussing with your vendors what you can truly afford and not a penny over; they’re more inclined to help a couple who is on track financially and not looking to splurge. Also, throughout your engagement, make it a point to check out special deals and clearance sales – it’ll help build your wedding to-do inventory without breaking the bank!

Yes, it is possible to plan a budget friendly wedding; from your budget friendly wedding invitations to your wedding accessories, it can be done in a beautiful way!

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High Tech Influenced Budget Wedding Invites

Technology is at its most popular right now. With an ever changing world of technological advances, smart phones ruling the world, and social media dominating, it’s safe to say that technology has influenced everyone; even the world of weddings.

As you plan your wedding and look to stay on a budget, you’ll be shocked to find that technology really can help you with everything; including budget friendly wedding invitations.

It’s crazy how much apps for our phones, tablets, and even laptops help us so much with our day to day activity. They help with everything, from finances, to work, to productivity, to even unexpectedly, weddings! Search for apps for your phone or tablet that will help you shop for budget friendly wedding invitations or templates, wedding accessories (bid on them from your phone or buy used), and locate a vendor near you that meets your budget needs!


Technology will help save you money in more ways than one! RSVPing for your wedding has never been easier for guests with the hundreds of wedding websites, apps, and software products that save on time, and money. With websites that allow you to easily design, order and have your budget wedding invitations sent over, or even simply logon to the site of your choice, and set up a wedding information website account for your guests to use to RSVP to your wedding. The latter saves on postage so they don’t have to mail something back (and you don’t have to pay for the return postage!), saves on extra paper and supplies, and saves time!

You’re saving as much as you can for your wedding, cutting corners with things like budget friendly wedding invitations and DIY projects; but how can technology help you save on vendors? There are plenty of wedding guest apps that allow guests to download them for free…how does this save you money? Well, how much are you spending on your photographer? These apps allow you guests to capture moments long after your photographer heads out, the photos go into one place online and on a free website for you, allowing you to add filters, download, or print only the ones YOU love. This saves you money spend on your photographer, and your guests to be involved in your special day!

There are plenty of ways high tech advances can help you as you plan for your wedding day. From the search for budget friendly wedding invitations, to capturing your moments, technology can help your budget friendly wedding in more ways than one!

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Mediterranean Styles for Budget Wedding Invitations

As you plan and prepare for your wedding, you’ll want to take a look at your wedding budget and see what you can spend, where it can be spent, and how it can be spent. Since your wedding invitations are one of the first things needing completion, you’ll want to see how you can cut costs and corners and order your budget friendly wedding invitations. If you are planning a Mediterranean wedding theme, you can still have great invitations that work well with this too!

Planning a Mediterranean Wedding

A Mediterranean wedding theme is becoming more and more popular; the rich colours, culture, and theme is one being used for parties, weddings, and more. People love culture and robust themes and flavours, and the Mediterranean theme definitely holds that in every aspect. From the wedding invitations, to the menu, to the decorations, you can add a Mediterranean touch in all aspects easily by using robust colours, fancy fonts, and rich décor, scents, and tastes to create a perfectly balanced Mediterranean themed wedding.

Mediterranean Wedding Menu Ideas

As mentioned before, the Mediterranean theme is a popular one for an array of budgets, styles, and more. When speaking with your chef or caterer, be sure to discuss a variety of ideas and taste palettes that will work with this theme. Some ideas include kabobs, pilaf, eggplant dishes, or roasted chicken or lamb. The Greek food and culture can be interwoven to this Mediterranean theme as well very easily while remaining on a budget.

Your Budget Wedding Invites

Damask Ribbon Square Vertical Invitation in Olive - DreamDay Wedding Invitations

We mentioned before how important it is to stay on track with your budget. Even if you’re planning a Mediterranean wedding, you can still accomplish this easily while remaining on a budget. Your wedding invitations can have this theme but using design aspects like scrolls, grape leaves, scripted fonts, and colours like royal purple, peacock blue, and jade green. The damask pattern goes well with these budget friendly wedding invitations and will help convey the Mediterranean theme idea and vision you’re looking to achieve.

Planning a Mediterranean wedding is a fun theme and easy to do. Enjoy the planning process and don’t stress over staying on budget!

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Masculine Themed Wedding Invites on a Budget


Infinity Square Invitation and Pocket in Chocolate - DreamDay Wedding Invitations

Some brides are not fans of an overly feminine look, featuring lots of pink, girlie glamour and instead prefer nothing more than to have a unique, fun type of wedding as opposed to a big whiteout. These brides just have different styles, and that’s okay. You can choose whatever type of design or style you want even if you’re on a budget. Budget wedding invitations are still just as wonderful, and you can even choose more of a masculine invitation design that will please your groom as well!

Make it Yours

Since you’re choosing a style and design that is different from the usual traditional invitations featuring girlie styles of budget wedding invites, you’ll have the opportunity to create more designs, patterns, styles and more. The canvas is yours to create and design whatever style wedding invitation you want as it is your wedding, so it can be just as you wish. If you’re looking for more of a masculine design and theme, you’ll want check out more modern and monochromatic designs, styles, or colours – the groom will love your style for sure!

Weddings on a Budget

Many people believe that choosing to have a wedding on a budget, means that it won’t look beautiful. That couldn’t be further from the truth! You can still have the wedding of your dreams, without breaking the bank, and if you’re not into the whole big sea of white, pink, lace, and tulle, you don’t have to have that! Your wedding is your own; make it yours even on that budget of yours!

Be Inspired by Budget Friendly Inspiration

You aren’t the only bride looking to plan a wedding with a set number or budget. A lot of couples have to deal with it as well, and it’s important to know that you aren’t alone in the budget friendly planning and preparation! Go online and search for budget bride blogs, inspiration, tutorials and discounts . You’ll be surprised how many brides are going through the same thing as you, even those who don’t want a traditional wedding!

Have fun with the planning of your wedding; even if it’s on a budget! From budget friendly invitations to the end of your planning, make memories and enjoy it!

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1960s Era Weddings and Invites


Circles of Love 5x7 Vertical Flat Invitation in Gold Fusion - DreamDay Wedding Invitations

Planning a wedding is a fun time for both you and your fiancée, as well as your families. Many times weddings can get pricey, so if you’re on a budget you’ll want to plan accordingly. We have found some great budget friendly wedding invitations; inspired by the 1960s.

It’s a time to celebrate, enjoy one another’s company and focus on the reason why everyone is joining together; to celebrate two people spending the rest of their lives together. What a fun time, that’s an honour for everyone and a time to party! Let’s find out how you can achieve all this, but still stay within your budget with some great and easy budget friendly solutions for wedding invitations to start with.

Budget Friendly Invites

Invitations can get expensive, fact! It’s important to stick to your budget best you can while also choosing some great designs that go with your wedding theme and all you’re trying to achieve. You can cut down on costs for your budget friendly wedding invitations with things like DIY, printable designs online or designing them with a graphic design programme yourself. With literally thousands upon thousands of wedding designs, it will be easy to find a theme or inspiration that works best for you!

The 1960s Influence

More and more, the influence of the 1960s is showing itself all over the world of event planning and weddings. The vintage, timeless look is one that everyone loves and enjoys. The vintage, influence of the 1960s can be achieved easily through using different materials for invitations and décor, pulling from menu ideas from those years, and also using similar photo filters if using photos on your budget friendly wedding invitations. It’s easy to work with and fun to recreate this time period for your vintage, 1960s influenced wedding day. Your invitations can reflect this easily; just look at photos, inspiration and read up on this era to get a good idea of what you wish to have your 1960s influenced wedding.

Your Special Day

Your wedding day is the most important and special day of your life. Make sure it’s all you want it to be even if on a budget. Enjoy the planning process from start to finish, and enjoy looking at other brides’ past experiences and creative ideas for your own inspiration. It’s easy to have a wedding on a budget; you just need to know how to cut corners and remain creative.

Your budget friendly wedding invitations inspired by the 1960s era will be a fun part of the process. Everything will fall into place and this will be the perfect event. Happy Planning!

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