Budget Wedding Invitations with Recycled Paper

If you are getting married and spending an exorbitant amount on wedding invitations and stationery is just not for you, budget wedding invitations made using recycled paper is something that you should definitely look into.

Inspiration is Key

DreamDay Invitation Budget Wedding Invitations

One of the first things you need to focus on if budget wedding invites is what you are searching for is inspiration. However it is also important to know that this inspiration must be narrowed down to something meaningful, perhaps your budget wedding invitation could draw inspiration from all the things that is important to the both of you and holds a special sentiment.

Do You Need the Luxury?

While it is always tempting to answer yes, do keep in mind that wedding invitations and stationery are not the only things on your wedding to-do list. Therefore, it is important to prioritise on what is most important, forgo a luxury there and make amends for it by having something luxurious over here. Having budget wedding invitations therefore would be ideal if the two of you are either planning on splurging on an elaborate limo or even a cosy honeymoon.


DreamDay Invitations Budget Wedding Invites

One of the best things about budget wedding invitations is its ability to customise according to the wishes of the bride and the groom. After having drawn inspiration from what is most important to the two of you then be ready to throw in a bit of sequins, recycled paper, leftover pieces of plaid to put together your very own budget wedding invitation. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure they say, so be sure to lure in artsy family members and friends to create a budget wedding invite that truly stands out and brings out the personality of the both of you.

Play with Pictures

DreamDay Invitations Budget Wedding Invitations

One of the best things about a budget wedding invitation is its unspoken tagline “anything goes”. Therefore, the two of you have all the liberty to pick out your favourite moments from Instagram or your favourite status updates from Facebook to add to your budget wedding invitation. Your budget wedding invite would speak to your guests and they would feel as though they were apart of your love story from the moment you met.

 The most rewarding feature about budget wedding invitations is that it is meant for everyone. Even if you are not on a very tight budget but would like something artsy and crafty, a budget wedding invitation with recycled paper and sparks of DIY that bring out the most in the two of you would definitely stand out.

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Scrapbook Styled Wedding Invitations on a Budget

If generic, off-the-shelf budget wedding invitations are just not for you, making your own scrapbook styled wedding invitations is the perfect alternative as it lets you express your unique couple style while also allowing you to save money which can be directed towards other key wedding elements. There are plenty of resources that you can use from different types of wedding specialty papers to satin ribbons, magazines and pieces of material to create scrapbook styled budget wedding invites that make a lasting impression, while still being affordable.

Using Specialty Paper for Scrapbook Budget Wedding Invites

Instantly add a luxurious touch to your budget wedding invitation design by using elegant specialty paper that’s now readily available at both online and regular brick-and-mortar stationery stores. Choose from different styles of specialty paper ranging from metallic, glitter and foiled to screen printed, thermography or embossed till you find the ideal handmade paper for your budget wedding invitation. If choosing just one is hard, you can use an eclectic assortment of specialty paper to mount photos that you’ll be including in your scrapbook styled budget wedding invite.

Create lavish budget wedding invitations easily by printing invitation wording on a velum overlay placed above a layer of screen printed specialty paper featuring a striking pattern or for a truly personal touch add a photo of the two of you as a background layer with a metallic specialty paper border below the vellum overlay.

Embellishing Budget Wedding Invitations with Lace, Brooches and More

Now available as pre-cut squares, lace patterns are easy and affordable embellishments to include in budget wedding invite designs. To bring a beautiful touch of old-world charm to your budget wedding invites, lace can be included as a border around your favourite photo of the two of you transformed into black and white. Complete the look by adding an elegant brooch or cluster to instantly vamp up your budget wedding invites with an opulent air.

If you prefer something simpler for your scrapbook styled budget wedding invitations, a simple band of lace around the card, finished off with a satin ribbon that’s secured by a vintage pearl cluster is an elegant option to consider.

scrapbook styled wedding invitations

Decorate photos, maps or any other elements included in your budget wedding invite with glued on semi precious stones, scraps of material or in the case of diehard scrapbookers, cut out wording from magazine headlines and articles to create the invitation wording for your budget wedding invites.

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Rustic Budget Wedding Invites

Weddings can be expensive affairs that require a large budget, but if you’re a budget-savvy couple you’ll know exactly how to keep costs down using everything from unique budget wedding invitations to stylish DIY decor. Staying within your budget doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the quality or style of your wedding invitations – here’s some great inspiration for rustic budget wedding invites that are gorgeous, but still thrifty.

Purchasing Rustic Budget Wedding Invites

While this may not be the easiest thing to do, kicking off your wedding planning as early as possible will give you plenty of time to search for affordable rustic budget wedding invites that suit your budget. While most wedding stationery companies offer a range budget wedding invitations, you may come across some premium designs that have had their price reduced – these designs can be easily transformed to suit your rustic wedding theme with a few DIY handmade touches to personalise and create a lovely rustic budget wedding invitation.

Rustic Budget Wedding Invitation Design

Etched Flowers Square Vertical Invitation in Ivory - DreamDay Invitations

When choosing or personalising a budget wedding invite, select a colour palette that favours earthy tones to bring your rustic invitation design to life. Beautiful deep yellows, gold, neutral shades of taupe, rust and cinnamon will add a rustic vibe to your budget wedding invitations and can be artistically combined to still create vivid pops of colour with exquisite rustic floral patterns.

For an earth-friendly couple, printing your rustic budget wedding invitations on seed paper is a lovely touch that is sure to leave a lasting impression on your guests. You can either opt to order pre-printed rustic wedding invites on seed paper or save money by purchasing your own seed paper and printing the invites yourself.

DIY Rustic Budget Wedding Invitations

Instantly add a rustic touch to your wedding invitations by customising generic budget wedding invites with charming handmade touches. Embellishments such as rope tied as a bow for a simple accent or even a strand of raffia on your rustic budget wedding invite complements your earthy and natural wedding theme. If you’re after a combination of vintage and rustic, place a paper doily or a lace band around your wedding invite and secure it with an old fashioned brooch.

Rustic budget wedding invites can be easily personalised to suit the specific season of your wedding too. For instance, use pressed flowers in a range of autumn colours on your rustic budget wedding invite or transform standard envelopes using a charming envelope liner made out of natural tan specialty paper for an autumn rustic wedding.

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Budget Wedding Invitation Ideas

DIY wedding invitations have evolved over time, despite its humble beginnings. Brides no longer have to compromise on elegant classy wedding invitations just because they are budget savvy. With all the options and choices available today, you can create your one-of –a-kind budget wedding invitations that look stunning and are also easy on the wallet. Wedding invitations can become incredibly expensive due to custom designs, letterpress printing and calligraphic envelopes. DIY wedding invitations are a great alternative to help you stick to your budget.

As with life compromise is the key when cutting corners and streamlining your wedding budget. While splurging on the items that really matter like that extra special dress that will make you feel like a true princess, try to cut costs on items that can be accomplished yourself such as DIY wedding decor. In line with this, saving a few pennies on wedding stationery can make a huge difference. Today, DIY and budget wedding invitations are sought after options by couples on a tight budget. With so many new options available to transform your simple wedding invitation into an extra ordinary budget wedding invitation, here are some simple suggestions to get you started.

DIY Invitations

The key element for success is to personalise the invite by drawing inspiration from anything and everything. The types of budget invitations range from flat invitations with card inserts, folded invitations and pre-cut invitations to even using printable templates available online.

Here are some tips to help you get started. In this case, knowledge is indeed power! Experiment with different printing techniques or try using various kinds of paper, as well as simple or extravagant embellishments to instantly add an elegant touch to your budget invitation. Keep in mind that intricate invitations with bows, multiple layers and other embellishments are lovely, but those extra details can really add up. Hence opt for a simple invitation printed on a high-quality paper. Specialty papers provide you with a cost effective method to achieve the desired look or feel without an elaborate over-the-top design. We also suggest reducing the number of envelopes too. Tradition calls for two envelopes to be sent out to your guests; we suggest a simple RSVP sent via email to save both time and money in this digital age, or even a postcard.

While most prefer engraved or embossed invitations for a formal vibe, it is the more expensive choice. Thermography provides you with the same raised appearance for a much cheaper cost while simple laser printing is appropriate for a more casual setting that makes your budget wedding invitation a truly one of the kind.

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Wedding Invitations on a Budget

Congratulations! Your partner has proposed to you, you’ve said YES and you’ve both allowed yourself ample time to get everything ready for the greatest day of your lives: your wedding day! Take about a year to make sure all the details for your special day are just perfect, and one of the first items to take care of on your wedding to-do list is deciding on the perfect wedding invitation for the happy occasion!

Obviously, spending your money wisely is key, as you will want to decide what you want to splurge on, and what you want to save a few bucks on. Remember the old marriage saying of “something old, something new, something borrowed something blue”? With a little creativity and commitment, you will be able to apply an innovative mix of these elements to design the most delightful budget wedding invitation your guests have ever seen!

DIY Invitations Online

Buy, Borrow, Build: Budget Wedding Invites Made Easy!

Creating unique budget wedding invitations that scream YOU have never been easier, especially if you decide to make them DIY. This way, it will allow you to fashion personal invitations that will speak volumes about your special union. Pay a visit to your local second-hand market to see what treasures you can find to spice up your budget wedding invitations. Many people will be throwing out a host of unused items that will be in excellent condition, such as boxes of blank cards that you can dress up with glitter, ribbons, fancy paper, and more. You will also be able to find basic supplies such as glue, construction paper, scissors, and other odds and ends that will make your budget wedding invites a snap to create and send out.

Crafty Creativity: Budget Wedding Invites Done Right

Do you happen to have a friend or family member who is artsy and creative? Enlist their help in creating the perfect budget wedding invitation for a smooth, professional finish! If they are crafty by nature, chances are that they will own a lot of tools as well, which helps you save even more. Perhaps you can sit down with them and go through various design ideas on Photoshop as well, before getting the final design printed out. Browse online for more ideas that you can combine with those of your friends, to arrive at a unique, one-of-a-kind budget wedding invite that will thrill and delight!

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Rustic Budget Wedding Invitations

Capture the charm and romance of a simpler, idyllic time in the past, and add a dash of nostalgia to your wedding theme that will surely capture the imagination of all your guests! Consider the stark elegance of a courier type font, the simple brilliance of clean, straight lines, or the wistful memories of photographs captured in black-and-white or sepia tones. These are but some of the elements that many modern couples are using to create magical rustic budget wedding invitations that promise an unforgettable celebration!

A Photo Is Worth a Thousand Words! – Visual Budget Wedding Invites

Whether you are announcing an engagement party, crafting a “save-the-date” note, or designing budget wedding invitations for the big wedding day itself, including a picture is a great accompaniment to the happy news you are ringing throughout your social circle. To create an “authentic” rustic-themed budget wedding invitation, dispense with full-blown colour photographs and instead include a black-and-white picture to conjure up a stunning “blast from the past” effect. Another great option is to use the warm shades of sepia colouring that will paint you and your partner within a charming capture from another era! Either of these choices will also save you on photo-printing costs for each invite. Consider jazzing up your photos by dressing up in period costumes to weave a delightful illusion!

Fonts, Blots& Accessories – Imaginative Budget Wedding Invites

When searching online for rustic budget wedding invitation ideas, what you will find are archaic font types and accessories such as twine, twigs, and pressed, dried leaves. You can even make your budget wedding invites DIY to save some cash, and go browse through your local craft store for multi-coloured twine.Or perhaps take a walk in the park (literally!) to discover some pretty leaves and intriguing twigs you can use to “dress up” your rustic budget wedding invitations.

Etched Flowers Square Vertical Invitation in Ivory - DreamDay Invitations

Etched Flowers Square Vertical Invitation in Ivory - DreamDay Invitations

When you are trying to pick the perfect font to accompany your budget wedding invites, courier type is a very popular option, summoning up the era of Smith&Wesson typewriters that were and are the darlings of literary talents and literary lovers everywhere.

If you and your partner happen to be a literary couple, you can even use this as a possible theme for your budget wedding invites.Liberally splash coffee “stains” and ink blots on your budget wedding invitations to leave a charming impression of your union that will put smiles on the faces of all those who know and love you well!

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Eco-Friendly Budget Wedding Invites

TAre you thinking about a “green” wedding with all the trimmings and charm, but minus the hefty price tag? Then it helps to start small when creating the ideal, eco-friendly budget wedding invitation to set the mood for a memorable eco-oriented celebration!

Romping Through the Attic: Discover Green Budget Invites at Home!

When you’re thinking about saving greens whilst trying to be green, explore your own cupboards, attics, and storage rooms to uncover materials that you can use to create some truly one-of-a-kind, eco-friendly budget wedding invites! Transform old jam bottles into cute “message in bottle”  for an unique budget wedding invite.  Use old craft paper (the more colourful, the better!) to add texture and depth to your budget invitations. Browse through mum’s sewing kit for dreamy lace, cute buttons, and exciting threads to add a dazzling finishing touch to your eco-inspired budget invites!

Unique & Eco-Friendly

Eco-conscious wedding planning is taking the industry by storm, more so in the budget wedding invitations that the theme inspires. To go green, invest in recycled paper to serve as the rustic yet charming backdrop of your lovely budget wedding invites. For an added dose of eco-initiative, make your budget wedding invite a plantable one that your guests can toss in the ground, and it will then sprout seeds. This will serve as a beautiful reminder of the bond you and your partner share, at an event that will grow ever fondly in your guests’ memories as the seeds bloom in their gardens!

Carved in Oak Square Vertical Invitation in Espresso - DreamDay Invitations

Green Weddings, Green Thinking, Green Budget Wedding Invites!

For an extra thoughtful touch of “saving-the-planet” thinking, invest in eco-friendly inks on your budget wedding invites, such as soy-based inks. Browse around online to search for companies that incorporate such products into the creation of their budget wedding invitations. Another popular option is to go DIY when crafting your green budget wedding invites. You can even use envelopes made out of recycled paper, and make use of a snazzy calligraphy pen to jazz up any of those budget wedding invites for a great finish!

Make a trip down to your local craft shop and enquire after green-friendly materials for your budget wedding invites. These can include options such as hemp, sugar cane, bamboo, and even recycled fibre for some truly unforgettable budget wedding invites that will be the buzzing topic of conversation within your circle of friends and family for years to come!

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Greek Inspired Weddings, Invitations and More

Turn the classical world of ancient Greece into a modern masterpiece, and feature this elegant cultural heritage on your special day for a wedding fit for the gods. A divine wedding does not need to cost more than the earth and stars combined, so we will help you come up with unique DIY ideas to make a DIY Greek wedding both memorable and affordable. The little details count for much, from designing stylish yet budget wedding invitations to coming up with gifts for all your guests.

A Scroll in Time – Greek Budget Wedding Invitations

So, you’ve decided on a big, fat, Greek Wedding – what’s next? Designing the perfect budget wedding invite, of course! Simple Greek patterns framing your budget wedding invite is one option. If you surf around online, you will find simple yet elegant patterns for your budget wedding invitations. Your budget wedding invitations can even be in scroll form, tucked inside decorative glass bottles for a one-of-a-kind presentation.

Party in the Parthenon – Hellenic Themes on Budget Wedding Invites

For a Grecian twist on a traditional wedding, you could make it a themed event, where guests dress up in classical togas and sandals of yore. Your Hellenic budget wedding invites can provide a hint of the fun that’s to come by including a small olive wreath with the budget wedding invitations. It can be big enough for headwear, or it can even be attached to a pin as an attractive accessory option.

Mon Amour Square Flat Wedding Invitation in Black - DreamDay Invitations

Your Greek budget wedding invitations can also feature sophisticated columns topped off by Doric or Corinthian designs. To save a drachma or two, you might also want to consider having your wedding outdoors in a beautiful garden, for a serene feel of the Elysian Fields. Include a note in your budget wedding invitations for your guests to dress light!

The Feast Of The Gods Continues

Opa! The feast for the happy couple is underway and everyone is tearing up the dance floors with feet swifter than Hermes. Keep the ambrosia flowing with Greek urns gracing each table as centrepieces. You can buy these pots on sale and paint them in intricate designs to fit your Grecian theme. For the guests to take home, you can fill miniature glass bottles with olive oil and vinegar, perfect for dipping!

As you can see, creating your own Greek wedding celebration fit for Mount Olympus is easy and fun on a budget. Set the mood with the perfect budget wedding invite and let the festivities commence!

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Scrapbook Inspired Wedding Invitations on a Budget

A wedding can be one of the most exciting, yet expensive financial obligations you have as an engaged, nearly married couple. It comes with so much joy, but also so much stress as you aim to stay on budget! Your wedding invitations should account for 10-15?% of your overall budget, so you’ll want to choose them wisely. A popular trend we’re seeing are scrapbook inspired wedding invitations for those couples who wish to stick to their budget! They’re cute, affordable, and look fabulous.

Scrapbook Invitations

This idea is sure to be tons of fun for a creative and crafty bride. Scrapbook themed invitations are so versatile, yet personal as sending out an invitation like this will allow you to include photos of the two of you in a very intimate and creative way. You can make these wedding invitations yourself using your own scrapbook materials or use the postage stamp border that many scrapbooks have with a picture of both of you and all of your wedding details.

Choosing your Colours

Let’s start by choosing the colour palette for your wedding theme, style and the invitations. Let’s bring in 2013’s top colour as deemed by Pantone: Jade! Jade can be used in different ways and as you can use a range of shades and hues, this colour  can be used for all the seasons. Dress it up, dress it down, make it your own as you design your stunning budget wedding invites. Have another colour in mind? Go for  it, you creative bride, you!

A Scrapbook Theme

If you’ve already picked scrapbook styled wedding invitations, why not add aspects of this to the rest of your budget friendly wedding too? You can have scrapbook pages on each table for guests to write down advice or little messages to the couple, and have Polaroid cameras one each table so that guests can take instant pictures and paste it on the sheet. Adorable, affordable, and original!

Happy Planning!

Image Credits – Distinctive Moments

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Creating Memorable Budget Wedding Invitations

Planning a wedding is such a fun time for everyone! From the moment he proposes and gets down on knee, through the first stages of planning to the big day itself—you’ll want to savour all of these memories and happy times but you may also discover your budget needs to be tighter than you may have hoped.

Planning a Wedding on a Budget

We all hate the word budget, but it’s a word that you may become familiar with while planning your special day as this is a normal part of planning a wedding—figuring out the finances and all entailed. Your wedding invitations are a part of this budget, and while that budget varies per couple and per wedding, you can most certainly create budget wedding invitations that match your specific theme and style.

DIY Invites


Hardcover Invite w/ Pocket + Envelope in Quartz - DIY Invitations

DIY invites or do it yourself invitations are a popular wedding invitation option that more and more couples are looking towards using for their special day. It’s a great way for couples to work on their wedding together, while also saving money at the same time. DIY wedding invites also offer a lot of options that you may not have with ready-made invitations, as it allows couples to be express their style and tastes when designing their wedding invite – which makes it all the more memorable to them while also cutting costs.

Memorable Invites

So many times we open a wedding invitation just to see that it looks like a similar one we’ve taken a look at before. It’s great to create memorable invitations that everyone can look at and say “Wow, these are unique and truly show reflect the couple’s personality!” You can do this in numerous ways such as budget DIY photo invites, an invite showing a timeline of your history as a couple or even a magnet invite.

Planning a wedding on a budget is totally doable, you just need to know how to plan, budget and carry out your fiscal guidelines. Take it one day at a time and enjoy the planning and prepping of your budget friendly wedding invites, as well as the rest of your wedding!

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